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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Diagnosing speech related concerns for children can be challenging. In addition to a speech disorder or impediment, kids often have a limited vocabulary and struggle to find the words to communicate their feelings.


Common Speech & Language Concerns:

  • Delayed speaking
  • Difficulty pronouncing certain sounds
  • Trouble understanding basic instructions
  • Poor eye contact and difficulty taking turns


At TRIO, we take a partnership approach to speech therapy for kids. Working closely with parents, we begin every new treatment plan with in-depth assessments for preschool and school-age children. We evaluate both the emotional and cognitive well-being of our younger patients, and provide a therapy experience that is nurturing and age-appropriate.

Speech Therapy for Kids

  • Anxiety Communication Coaching
  • Articulation Skill Development
  • Auditory Rehabilitation
  • Cognition & Language Support
  • Language Development Support
  • Oral Feeding Rehabilitation
  • Stutter Treatment


  • Licensed Speech Therapists 
  • One-On-One Treatment Sessions
  • Ongoing Wellness Plan
  • Locally Owned With Convenient Location Near San Antonio

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